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Rather than having "stumbled" into translating as an ex-pat, I have always pursued a language-oriented career, as my track record shows:Graduate
After graduating from Nottingham University (GB) with a joint honours degree in German and French, I moved to Germany in 1983.
Following a three-year stint teaching English at a business school, I established myself as a freelance translator back in 1986.
The following year, I was awarded a diploma in translating by the Dortmund Chamber of Industry and Commerce. I then "took the oath" and became a sworn, state-recognised translator, qualifying me to translate for the German courts of law.
Over the past 19 years I have acquired a wealth of experience spanning the most diverse areas of business, technology, culture and politics.

I am now able to offer the following areas of specialisation:
• Automotive engineering
• Business consultancy / Banking
• Computing
• Agriculture / Ecology
• Marketing / Advertising
• Politics / Legal


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