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I work for a mix of translation agencies and direct clients. The following client list breaks down into a cross-section of indirect clients for whom I work through agencies and direct clients who benefit from the full "A1 1-to-1" treatment. For the sake of clarity, this overview does not include my entire clientele. It nevertheless provides a general idea of my scope of work.

Click on the "work focus" links for general outlines of the type of work I carry out for the respective clients.

I expressly point out that I bear no responsibility for the contents of my clients' sites to which the links below refer. Please note that any material you may view at these sites is not necessarily my work!

Automotive engineering

Indirect clients: Porsche

Direct client: DaimlerChrysler work focus magnify

Business consultancy / Banking

Indirect clients: Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg)

Direct clients: Roland Berger work focus magnify Sal. Oppenheim work focus magnify

Michael Taulien Security Consulting

Computing work focus magnify

Indirect clients: Siemens, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Prometec GmbH, MIT GmbH,

Agriculture / Ecology

Indirect clients: Federal Ministry of the Environment, Federal Environmental Agency

Marketing / Advertising work focus magnify

Direct clients: Huch & Partner, MGM Michael Golla Media, PMP Design, Klötzing van Loon Kommunikation, MediaPResence

Politics / Legal

Direct clients: Federal German Ministry of the Interior work focus magnify Lawyers Heiermann Franke Knipp


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